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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


i bought myself a white 30gb apple ipod a few days ago. i named her "regina" after regina spektor because i adore the way you pronounce this name (listen to her "pavlov's daughter" song, 1:11min and you'll know what i mean). it was more of an impulse buy on ebay but my old 30gb creative zen nx conked out some while ago anyway. my new ipod has a color display and plays videos. nifty, huh? plus i even start to like itunes...!

incidentally, i was in istanbul the last two weeks. it was crazy, this city is so huge and exhausting yet fascinating. my cousin finally took me to places like the hagia sophia and this beautiful cistern (yerebatan saray) which reminded me of the good ol' tomb raider games. i'm such a nerd. i also took a lot of pictures (over 700!) which i'll probably post over at my photoblog sometime. not all of 'em, of course. :p

apart from that, the new semester starts next week and i'm anxious about that. i haven't even decided whether to change my minor subject or not. the sky is getter darker, it's getting colder. finally, tea time again! and i'm still worrying my head off about too many things. i need distraction. sports, arts, anything. but my room is a mess, i have no space to dance. my room is so tiny, i have no space to think. it's crushing me. at least i could take my ipod and dance away in the night...if there weren't so many drunk students around. oh and the ogres in the woods, of course.


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