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Monday, January 30, 2006


vani pembepatik
august 1st, 1993 - january 30th, 2006

born in van, turkey. in summer 1993 he arrived at the ünver's home in stuttgart, germany. the smart tomcat with one blue and one green eye quickly became everybody's darling and lived an enjoyable cat life full of love. he liked sleeping in the family member's beds, sitting with them at the table during dinner, eating chicken and yelling at the top of his voice to terrorize the neighbourhood. he died at home of the consequences of a heart attack at the end of january.

vani will be dearly missed by his loving ünver family, his ex-wife topolina and their children puffy, irma, sahne, benek and felix as well as his adopted son mico. we love you and will never forget you.


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