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Monday, November 21, 2005

the arrival of the janitors.

a few people have been complaining about the lack of updates here. i'm very sorry kittens, don't be mad at me. here, grab a cookie:

i just dunno where to start. lalala.

ok so in september i dyed my hair red. *sings* ♪ you got me moving in a circle, i dyed my hair red today... i always wanted to do that ever since i saw franka potente in lola rennt in 1997. it was the first time i dyed my hair and unfortunately i'm not very skilled plus i bought cheap dye so by the end of september my hair wasn't red anymore but more similar to a shade of color i'd like to call 'piss pink'. long story short: i got tired of hiding my hair under a hat all the time, got it dyed by a professional so now my hair is currently some kind of maroon. i often miss my dark blonde hair but oh well.

as i already mentioned in my entry in august i failed the japanese exam and should have redone it in october but i was permanently ill and had to reschedule it. i got tonsillitis 4 times since august. this is the reason why i'm scheduled for surgery on tuesday for having my tonsils removed. i'll be staying at the hospital for a week and another week at my parents' in stuttgart.

in other news, i've changed my minor subject from english literature to art history. why? because it sucked big time. then i got a job at the lush cosmetics shop in tübingen which is pretty great. and, like you've probably noticed, i acted in woody allen's central park west (you can see a few photos from the rehearsals at my photoblog).
that's pretty much all i could do during the last weeks, unfortunately not much sports or drawing as i was feeling exhausted and not very creative. instead i was killing time by drinking lots of tea and watching several tv series. speaking of which, i watched the very last episode of six feet under at the end of august which was so incredible and beautiful and...just THE FUCKING PERFECT LAST EPISODE!!!!! *cough* needless to say, i cried like a madman.

i won't go much into music this time as it's already 2am and i still have to pack my stuff and get some sleep before i check in at the hospital next morning. just wanted to mention that i have a last fm-account now. my user name's automatenkakao. kthxbye.


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