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Thursday, April 14, 2005

it's time, meet me on the sunny road.

uni started again. busy, busy times. i was happy to find out that i've passed all of my courses i took the last semester. yay for me. the next 3-4 months are going to be very, VERY strenuous but as long as i have enough vanilla coke+coffee to keep me alive, i'll be fine i guess. also the nice weather and tori (live) are making me happy. i so can't wait to see my goddess live in munich on june 24th! tori tori! wohooo!
incidentally, last week i went to istanbul for a few days. twas lovely seeing my relatives, i miss them so much!

some recommendations:
music: apart from tori amos live (esp. snow cherries from france/philly & sweet dreams/boston), try "fisherman's woman" by emiliana torrini (esp. sunny road & thinking out loud)
restaurant: asian kitchen in stuttgart
movies: everybody go and watch the life aquatic with steve zissou! NOW! the scene where they are underwater and starálfur by sigur rós started playing = WHOA!!! also, if you haven't watched the blues brothers yet, shame on you and go and watch that one as well! haha kthxbye.

die arbeiten aus unserem comicworkshop werden diesen freitag (16. april) in der staatsgalerie ausgestellt und teilweise auch von uns vorgestellt. die ausstellung geht meines wissens nach den ganzen tag, die präsentation beginnt um 16h. falls jemand zeit+lust hat, kommt doch vorbei und schaut's euch an. der eintritt ist frei.


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