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Thursday, June 30, 2005

a melancholy town where we never smile.

i hate summer.
i hate heat. the weather has been sticky and hot the last few days here which makes me feel dizzy and flabby plus i had blood taken on monday which weakens my circulation even more. fortunately, the weather is gradually cooling off again.

by the way, my weekend in munich was very nice and MELLOW and the tori amos show was great! of course! i will post pictures and write about the show another time though because i've gotta continue learning kanji now. i actually just popped in to add a few new songs to my, enjoy!

x. Imogen Heap - Rake It In
i think she's something between tori amos and the dresden dolls with a touch of aziza mustafa zadeh. funky shit.
x. Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
shalala yeah baby the gorillaz are back! plus the video's rather cool.
x. Sneaker Pimps - Think Harder
"you ask me how to cure your headache, use a gun!" - enough said.
x. Nikkfurie - The A La Menthe
can't remember where i've found it but it rather rocks my socks. reminds me a bit of yann tiersen.


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