insanity is relative.

hey there twinkles.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

i love to turn my little blue world upside down.

i'm exhausted. i can't sleep properly, overslept today again (i actually dreamt about oversleeping and than woke up and realized that the lecture had just started fuck how creepy is that!?), i need to revise/study more japanese, i'm responsible for costumes&setting in one of the two plays i'm currently in which is far more demanding than i had thought and to crown it all, outside there's a gaggle of moronic students, boozing and bawling like idiots for hours now.

yes, that sound you just heard was my brain exploding.

things that stop me from going crazy: tori amos, pj harvey, tea with cocoa beans&caramel and climbing to the top of tübi-yama, lay on a bench and turn my little blue world upside down.


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