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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

i'm feeling really blaa blaa, i want to blaa blaa blaa.

can you actually spent hours in front of your laptop playing helly-drop at while listening to their blahblah-song rock it on repeat? YES YOU CAN! and why? because you've got tonsilitis and feel like crap and got nothing better to do. in fact, i spent the last week exclusively either in bed or in front of the tv, knitting. yes, knitting. me. i know, i honestly suck at knitting or needlework of any kind. but i will finish this scarf one day anyway. i started working on it 1-2 years ago and it originally was supposed to be a gryffindor-scarf (yellow/red) but i could only find black and blue wool so it more looks like some ravenclaw-scarf now after all. *shrugs* at least it's not hufflepuff because they're so not cool! and slytherin is evil anyway bahaha. i really like green though. thinking about that, yellow wouldn't fit to any of my dress style anyway.

oh have i already mentioned that i'm in love with the dancing noodle in the new video (dare-video) by the gorillaz?!

whatever. let's last entry was right after this great tori amos show in munich. i heard that she recently played "ymca" on her summer of sin tour - i can't wait to hear that! XD today i've listened to her beautiful cover of "total eclipse of the heart" from the boston show. if you are a member of the turbid blue forums, you can get it there. spread the tori love. rrrrright.

wow, having trouble staying on topic today! so i bet you're all dying to know what happened during the last few weeks. first off, there was the japanese exam of doom in july. i completely blew it though which means i have to re-do it in october. cross you fingers for me, will ya? :)

joana, johnson, my brother and i also went to the coldplay gig in munich in july. it was pretty cool. the weather was fantastic, we were cruising through the city in the johnson-mobil with the windows down, listening and singing along to whacky x-mas music on full blast. HAHA! i was so surprised+happy when i found out that the first one of the two support bands was tomte!! they even played all my favourite songs!! yay! the other one was ex-the verve-singer richard ashcroft. i loved his "bittersweet symphony", it is such a great song! then, after a total of 4 hours of waiting, the coldplay-boys finally entered the stage. it was a great show and i was literally going crazy when they played "clocks". dancing to that song = bliss. after the show we stayed at kay's place before returning to stuttgart the following day. i'm surely going to post pictures from that trip in my brand-new PHOTOBLOG soon. *hint, hint*

august: so far i've spent most of the time just hanging around doing nothing. insomnia plagueing me, feeling absolutely uncreative, exhausted and lethargic. i was in a pretty depressive mood and just when i about to feel better again, i fell ill. bloody marvellous.

anyway, i'm already getting better. i'm looking forward to hopefully return to tübingen at the end of this week after spending almost two weeks here in stuttgart with my family. playing splinter cell with my brother on the xbox was pretty much fun though, i really miss the good old videogames.

ps: i've updated my personal site. just a few facts though, no new design or something.


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