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Friday, July 01, 2005

tori amos.

so...about the tori amos show last week: friday noon duncan and me went to munich. after storing our baggage in the lockers at the main station we went to the philharmonie because there was supposed to be a meet&greet with tori around 4 or 5pm. we waited along with other fans 'ears with feet' at the stage door. around 4:40pm she finally appeared with her bodyguard. her standing just a few feet away from me was weird. she is even more beautiful in real life than on pictures plus she is so so so cute! she has this air of maturity and loveliness, it's amazing.

the meet&greet was a bit disappointing though. i dunno how those things usually work but in my opinion it was pretty chaotic. not because of tori or the fans but because of the organisation. i couldn't reach her because of all those other people in front of me but duncan lifted me on his shoulders and some nice guy gave her my beekeeper album to sign. as she gave it back i bent over and even touched her hand! *fangirl-squee* muahahaw!!! ^^

afterwards duncan and me bought japanese green tea at some nearby asian supermarket and went to this park near the philharmonie where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

in the evening i bought the tourbook, buttons and the "sweet the sting"-shirt (although it is yellow...and i usually detest yellow!! but i loved the motive).

i also wanted those nifty orange knickers with "the power of..." written on the front but they only had them left in 'large' so...dammit. we went to the hall and after tom mcrae's little gig she finally entered the stage! with her shiny fiery red hair and this truly beautiful white+light pink dress inflated by her tiny quick steps she looked quite like a fairy. stunning.

01. she started off with original sinsuality of course.
02. when she started playing her second song, icicle, me and the girls (marielle&lea) almost dropped dead!
03. blood roses was just...WHOA!
04. ...and so was take to the sky! very very cool with the banging against the boesendorfer and stuff.
05. i'm not a big jamaica inn-fan...
06. ...but i enjoyed silent all these years
07. and strange.
08. the first song of tori's piano bar was simon&garfunkel's feeling groovy (59th st. bridge) which was quite cute.
09. the second one was peter gabriel's red rain.
10. the doughnut song
11. was followed by another highlight of mine: barons of suburbia!!
i mean, the ending just killed me...she was going crazy over the lines
i am piecing a potion to combat your poison
till she finally erupted in
she is risen

she was looking in my direction and i was just staring at her, tears running down my cheeks because it was so beautiful and touching for me.
12. she then played mother
13. and taxi ride
14. before she finished with the beekeeper. the ending of the latter was amazing again. i felt hypnotized. it gave me the chills. it was like time froze, like everybody in the hall stopped breathing!!
15. 1st encore: the power of orange knickers & suede
16. 2nd encore: cars & guitars & cooling

all in all, a great show and a good setlist. i'm sad though that she didn't play other favourites of mine like marys of the sea, spark or siren... or space dog and yes, anastacia and...oh well and so on and so forth! :) my highlights of the show were icicle, blood roses, take to the sky, barons of suburbia and the ending of the beekeeper. yesssss.

one more thing: the show was very...quiet. which isn't a bad thing because it was wonderful anyway but i just wish i had discovered tori much earlier and had experienced her more 'wild' concerts in the 90's as well. y'know...freaking out like in this video clip of bliss and all that funky jazz.
anyway...I LOVE YOU TORI!!!

after the show we got our baggage and went to kay's place where we sat around in the kitchen and the stairway till the crack of dawn.

saturday was...mellow then. we were hanging around in kay's room the whole afternoon and in the evening, we went back to tübingen. all in all, it was a pretty nice trip to munich.


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