insanity is relative.

hey there twinkles.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

i used to write more back then.

impressions of istanbul in april '05.
it's been a year.
there is still
the coral red nail polish
in her drawer.

the smell of earth
and those tiny blue flowers
on her grave.
i didn't cry then
but i yelled at
an infinite abyss of
apple blossoms.

the king of trumpery.
taxi rides along the sea.
dead jelly fish, wrinkles, pines
and those dirty alley cats
i miss.

i wrote this exactly one year ago, the pictures are from my trip to istanbul&adapazar─▒ in april '05. i usually don't publish my writings because i think they're silly and too personal but this one's actually for a special person because it's a special day.


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