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Sunday, June 11, 2006

17 cherry tree lane.

i tried to post this earlier but it didn't work. anyway. here's a summary of the past few months since a lot of people are bitching about the lack of updates here. gomenasa~ai! ^^ i also added a few new pictures to my photoblog so be sure to check it out.

january: basically, i was ill all month long. beside of the colds and sore throat, etc. my wisdom tooth decided to grow and hurt like hell. also, on january 31st our beloved cat vani died at the age of 13. my family and i were very upset about that. this is the last sketch i did of him:

february: i finally started working at lush and i still really enjoy my job, it's so much fun! i also started watching 24. i'm in love with mr jack bauer! :p

march: i went to this japanese crash course for 3 weeks to revamp my language skills. i also really enjoyed playing the new tomb raider legend, which is definitively the best part so far. lara croft love!!!

april: summer term started. went inline-skating with my friends for a few times. watched the crazy real life version of sailor moon. went to munich at the end of the month to visit kay & johnson.

may: had lovely picnics with my darling boy. spent way too much time on this dollmaker website (btw, this is a doll of me). worked on my presentation about japanese buddhism. got a haircut. that's pretty much it.


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