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Monday, August 14, 2006

secret pint.

"raindrops" incense burning,
as if there weren't enough raindrops outside my room.
geez, the weather is driving me crazy.

drinking campari blood orange with penguin-shaped icecubes out of an guiness glass in the late afternoon. seriously, how low can you get? the funny thing is, i already feel drunk and i haven't drunk a single sip yet.

looking back at the other last few entries, i obviously have a thing for red drinks. you must think i'm an alcoholic, posting pictures of strawberry daiquiris and stuff like that all the time but the truth is, i hardly drink. it's just too cool to write about it. no seriously, i prefer cooking and baking. just yesterday i did a castella cake together with a fellow student. i love spending money i don't have on buying ingredients for crazy recipes i find on the internet or in health-food stores.

oh my! i almost forgot to mention that i went to munich two weeks ago! joana and me went to the robbie williams concert there which wasn't the bomb as the other fans were damn annoying plus it was raining the whole fucking time (it was an open air concert) so we were literally SOAKED to the skin after 3 hours balancing on our toes to catch a glimpse of dear robbie through the crowd. he didn't even play my favourite songs..."let me entertain you" during the encore was brilliant though. joana and me almost killed the people around us by SCREAMING and BOUNCING around so hard! haha! i'd love to go to the dresden dolls gig at the end of the month (in munich, again) but i probably won't have enough money to do so.

incidentally, i've passed my exam of doom. me happy.
watched the kick-ass series avatar: the last airbender and started with dr house as my other series are still on summer break. re-discovered mogwai, would love to see them live again sometime.


  • At August 16, 2006 7:23 PM, Blogger .mathr. said…

    sorry to hear that you got all wet. i recently saw radiohead @ an open-air venue... it got pretty foggy, but it never rained. i'm just imagining how i might have felt if it had. bummer.

    my name is mathr. i live in california. i commented on your blog a looooong time ago & i just thought i'd drop by and say hi.

    sooooo... hi.


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