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Sunday, January 16, 2005

hello, stranger.

i was quite busy during the first two weeks of the new year so it took my a while to add some new entries i'm sorry. however, i'm quite surprised that there are about 10 people per day visiting my weblog so...hi to everyone!

last friday i went to this pub/restaurant called neckarmüller with a couple guys from my anglo-irish theatre group and drank porter. i quite liked it although i usually don't like beer-ish stuff. mäh-määäh-määählancholy. this afternoon we picked out some costumes and props for our fifteen minute hamlet which we're going to perform on the brechtbau-fest on january 28th (just a little reminder here). i am hippie-ophelia! XD unfortunately no pictures of my costume yet though.

holy freaks, i saw a caveman in the bus today! no kidding here, just look at the (sorry, rather bad) picture above. in fact, i was not only amused but also quite amazed by the details of i didn't dare taking another picture though because i was afraid that he'd bash my head with this large club when he'd notice it. o_O

i watched closer yesterday which was some pretty good flick. at the moment, i like listening to the shins, the streets and the soundtrack of our lives. also, i recently watched the most disturbing music clips EVER! two words: aphex twin. you better don't look at the 'picture'-section on their website dude if you don't wanna have nightmares. haha allright, i'm off to bed.


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