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Monday, January 10, 2005

i am no ghost, i am just a shell.

didn't got the opportunity to sleep and eat much these days as i was working on my pride&prejudice essay all the time. trying to keep myself alive with lots of coffee. nevertheless, the comic-workshop started yesterday. i was feeling pretty dizzy during our guided tour at the staatsgalerie stuttgart and if you want to know the truth, i didn't like most of the artwork of this funny cuts exhibition. there was nothing really amazing or inspiring for me apart from this video called no ghost just a shell which was rather impressing/interesting.

today we met at the literaturhaus in stuttgart. stefan dinter explained some basic facts about comics to us and afterwards we examined the works of each others. the following pictures show stefan dinter showing us some sketches of his comic called die kleinen mutterficker as well as naomi fearn looking at my artwork on my laptop. ^^;

i wanted to go to the vernissage of naomi fearn's exhibition called dirtfisch vs. zuckergirl but unfortunately had to return to tübingen that evening. :( anyway i already went through the whole exhibition in the afternoon and it is pretty cool! i loved it but that's no big surprise as i'm a huuuge zuckerfisch-fan anyway. nyahaha. no seriously, it's enchanting so if you happen to be in stuttgart during the next few weeks, be sure to take a look at it in the literaturhaus stuttgart. you can find the opening hours on their homepage and it's even for free so, like starsky would say, do it! do it!


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