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hey there twinkles.

Friday, January 07, 2005

leave me now, return tonight.

i love deadlines.
i like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

- douglas adams

spent the last few days working on a new shoebox-collage while listening to the audiobook of jane austen's pride&prejudice. first i thought the book was rather boring but because i had to deal with it so intensely for my essay for the english literature proseminarI i actually started liking it. ok, which girl can actually resist mr darcy's "you must allow me to tell you how ardently i admire and love you"? eh right. ;) *swoons* i even changed my desktop background to some picture of keira knightley in the newest film version of pride&prejudice by joe wright because lizzy rocks.

i recently bought an acrylic colour set, 18 nifty little tubes! bubbles, ermm tubes! tubes! my tubes!! haha seriously i am totally enthusiastic about them! they're so cool and make me feel all...artsy! XD


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