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hey there twinkles.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

now i can hear the sun.

as you have probably noticed, i've customized the layout of my blog a few days ago. it looks more like a part of now with the chickens and miss scarlett johansson from lost in translation.

i've also added some nifty little thing called (s. "links"), hope you like the music i upload there - tell me what you think!

well, after spending the last few days either sleeping, eating or in front of the tv watching sissi i pulled myself together and went outside today (fresh air! gah!), some shopping with kay and her sister - sooo much fun! <3

"this is MY subway double chocolate cookie!!!"
plus i finally found a proper usage for those terrible H&M thongs - pretty hair accessoires, aren't they? omg, dork alarm...


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