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Sunday, December 12, 2004

nice&naughty in munich.

{joana, sam (me), kay, johnson}
the weekend in munich was so much fun!
we listened to crazy music like christmas swing (vixen!!) and the mary poppins soundtrack (chim chim che-ree~) while driving to munich and arrived there nutty as a fruitcake. since it already was late, we only met with kay at the main station, checked in at our youth hostel (the euro youth hostel, very recommendable!) and went to some friend where we ate sushi, yum-yum! とても おいしい でした。

the next morning we went shopping (poor johnson! alone with three mad girls!) and just walked around downtown. munich is quite nice but it was freezin cold that's why we bought johnson some mittens, spacy. in the evening we tried to dye his hair "schokobraun" but it didn't turn out that well so we got drunk on apfelsaftschorle and explored munich's nightlife which was fun although i can't quite remember everything apart from things like eating junk food at mcdonald's ("ich hätte gern ein unglaubliches menü!") and the very short visit of a bar called "tiefenrausch".

on sunday, the three of us visited the pinakothek der moderne (some art museum) but to tell you the truth, i didn't like the art there. it was frustrating in a way because most of the pieces were so uninspiring. after lunch we went back to good old stuttgart. the end.

for more pictures from my trip to munich click here.


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